2019 Prayer & Fasting Challenges


In 2019 Broadway is engaging prayer for an entire year. Each sermon series will introduce a new prayer and a new method of prayer. Below you will find prayers and methods of prayer as they are introduced:



January 13–February 17 the church will pray The Lord’s Prayer everyday to seek God’s Kingdom.

Download your Lord’s Prayer Challenge bookmark here.


During the 40 days of Lent we will take up the spiritual challenge to fast together, just as Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness before he began his ministry. Click below to find practical guidance for fasting.

Download your Fasting Guide for Lent here.


April 28–May 26 the church will pray the Prayer of St. Francis everyday to seek God’s Kingdom.

Download your Prayer of St. Francis Challenge bookmark here.


Below you will find episodes of our Prayer Podcast, where you can explore the importance of these prayers and methods of prayer with Pastors Joe Patterson and Christy Allen. Episodes will be released Thursdays each week:

Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 1 – The Lord’s Prayer: An Overview
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 2 – The Lord’s Prayer: Kingdom Possibilities
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 3 – The Lord’s Prayer: Recapturing the Power of Prayer
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 4 – The Lord’s Prayer: Kingdom Provisions

Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 5 – Fasting Pt. 1
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 6 – Fasting Pt. 2
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 7 – Ash Wednesday
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 8 – Prayer of St. Patrick
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 9 – Prayer from Augustine of Hippo
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 10 – Lent
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 11 – Prayer for Spring

Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 12 – Holy Week
Prayer Podcast Lenten Meditations – Sacred
Prayer Podcast Lenten Meditations – Divine
Prayer Podcast Lenten Meditations – Postured
Prayer Podcast Lenten Meditations – Commanded
Prayer Podcast Lenten Meditations – Miraculous
Prayer Podcast 2019 Ep. 13 – Eastertide