CAT Assessment

CAT ASSESSMENT results summary

Who? Everyone at BUMC

What? The CAT (Church Assessment Tool)

When? August 14 – September 7

Where? Online or via paper copy

The Church Assessment Tool (CAT) is an on-line instrument that will help us gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church.  The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping the leaders of Broadway as they make decisions about the future.

All answers are strictly anonymous.  A third party is compiling all the results and we have no way of matching any assessment to a particular person, so please feel free to candidly share your perceptions, opinions and experiences.  Our future together is dependent on your participation and honest answers.

How will this be used?  First, our Church Council will engage in detailed analysis and make strategic plans based on your feedback.  You will also have the opportunity to hear a summary of the results on Sunday, Sept 18 at 12:15 pm in the Melrose Ministry and Activity Center. Finally, we’ll gather in new and existing small groups this fall to discuss and dream together.