Ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates


As you may know, we have been asked to refrain from large gatherings through April 30 at the earliest.  Broadway will comply with these guidelines and will be offering worship online throughout April.  Our Maundy Thursday service  will be offered online, Thursday, April 9 at 6:45.  Easter Sunday will be April 12 at 10 am.  All services can be found at

In response to guidance from Bishop Fairley, United Methodist Churches in Kentucky will refrain from serving communion at this time. Broadway will follow this guidance and will find other ways to unite us in prayer, solidarity, and care. For more on this recommendation read the letter from Bishop Fairley here.


 The pastoral staff at Broadway remains committed to providing a loving response when an person connected to our church family passes away. 

During Covid-19 precautions, a member of the Broadway UMC Pastoral staff will be able to provide (honoring social distancing protocol) a small graveside celebration of life ceremony with family for those deceased individuals who are to be buried.
At a future date when Covid-19 precautions have been lifted, a member of Broadway UMC Pastoral staff will be able to provide a celebration of life for those deceased individuals who are to be cremated.


You can find below a schedule of our online broadcasts designed to help the Broadway family engage with one another throughout the week.


Church Family,

I am about to say something you never expected your pastor to say: “Don’t come to the church on Sunday.” This grieves me to say, as I know it does you to hear.  But I am asking us all to stay home as an aggressive and necessary attempt to slow the spread of a global pandemic. I can say with certainty they didn’t teach us about that in seminary.  Still after days of prayer and reflection, let’s make this a teaching moment. There are strong biblical reasons to take this step.

Wisdom: Proverbs 14:8. We will trust the experts, and they are all saying the same thing: don’t host large gatherings. This is not coming from media hype but from specialists and leaders whose numbers are in my cell phone. I trust them. It follows the Biblical wisdom tradition to listen to them. It follows Biblical admonishment against folly to ignore them.

Respect for authority:  Hebrews 13:17, Romans 13:1-7. We have been asked by our leaders at the state-wide level not to gather this Sunday. We will respect this recommendation and invite other churches to do the same.

Concern for the least of these:  Matthew 25:40. It is our ethical responsibility as we minister in the name of Jesus to care for the most vulnerable among us—in this case, those who are older or with underlying health issues. The make-up of our congregation presents a particular challenge in light of the known and unknown nature of this disease. We are an inter-generational church. Many of us will likely be fine, but over half of our adult population is over the age of 50. These are not hypothetical people. We know their names; they have a long-standing relationships with our church; and it is the responsibility of the entire body of Christ to care for and protect those most vulnerable in this situation.

Body of Christ:  1 Corinthians 12:12-27 This is a time for unity. There are times to debate and discuss and share opinions. This is not one of those times. In the weeks ahead, we may decide this was too drastic. I hope so. But that evaluation comes later. Now is the time for us to join together as one. Now is the time for us to lean into connection and community. Now is the time for us to be the church and discover new ways of building community with Jesus as our center.

Faith over fear: Isaiah 43:1 This is a faithful response. There are some right now who are equating a strong response with a fear-based response. I appreciate this concern, but the two are not the same. Truthfully, it would be easier in this moment to do business as usual. Fear easily leads to panic on one extreme or inaction on the other. It takes faith to respond appropriately in this situation. Responding this way is an act of faith, and I am asking you to join me—in faith.


Here are the details:

  • Broadway will gather for worship ONLINE in our homes at 10 AM for two Sundays, March 15 and March 22 Worship will be led by people from both campuses and each worship venue. Laura and I will preach together.  This is a temporary measure. We will evaluate after two weeks. You can find our live stream at, which is easily accessed and excellent quality. You’ll receive instructions in the next few days to help answer your questions. We aren’t canceling church.  We ARE the church.
  • Growth groups, KZ, youth activities, and all groups will stop meeting until March 22. The church office and ELC will remain open at this time. Church staff will be encouraged to work from home when possible.
  • You will receive frequent communication from the church with discipleship tools, discussions for your household and ways to connect to Christ and each other. We will guide you through this.
  • Care and connection with our congregation will need to change for a short amount of time. Our pastors and staff will be reaching out to those who may be isolated. I would invite you to do the same. Make more phone calls. Set up a group text for your small group. Setup a weekly call with a spiritual friend and ask “how is it with your soul?” If you need pastoral care you can call the church office at (270) 843-3942 and press “0” to speak to someone or leave a message for the on-call pastor.
  • Finally, begin to think like the church in Acts. They often met in homes, in smaller groups, with strong lay leadership. Discipleship happened in a very organic way. Households were centered in Christ, worshipping, praying, breaking bread, and enjoying God’s favor. People grew in their faith during this time. The church grew exponentially during this time. Start thinking about what God might do with us during this unique season.


Now more than ever I am thankful for the people called Broadway and sincerely expect we will be stronger through the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. I love each one of you and count it all joy to serve Christ with you.

Pastor Adam