LaVonda Burton-Satterfield

She is happily married to Patrick L. Satterfield. Together they have three children, 2 grandchildren and 100’s of adopted kids. LaVonda is a devoted wife, mother, foster mother, grandmother and active member of Eleventh Street Baptist Church. LaVonda graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Pathology and holds a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Kentucky in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education. At the age of 7, LaVonda started “volunteering” at a convalescent home for children and began a lifelong journey of self-discovery, service to others and understanding the power of God.

LaVonda’s work experience includes work as a Head Start Lead Teacher, Special Service Instructor, Developmental Therapist, Parent Educator and Registered Behavior Technician. Out of these roles birthed an appreciation of the heart of an educator. She has seen firsthand the impact great teachers can have on children’s lives and has made a commitment to work in partnership with families. She has learned that teachers must understand the diversity in our communities, emotional challenges children face and the socio-economic challenges children live with. As a loving foster mom, LaVonda has had the unique opportunity to wake up alongside children from all walks of life and has been blessed by the opportunity to impact her kids’ lives.

LaVonda’s life experiences have led her to create faith-based programs to encourage and inspire youth such as Project No-Bars, GIFTS (God Inspiring Females to Serve), Teen Skits of Deliverance, and Girl In The Mirror Program. Girl in the Mirror Program presents mirrors, self-esteem building classes and lunch to girls in an effort to build self-esteem and promote self-love. To date over 500 customized mirrors have been presented to girls in the Bowling Green and Louisville areas. On July 6, 2020, LaVonda will travel to Guatemala and present the Girl in The Mirror Program as part of an Education Abroad opportunity. LaVonda truly believes in her favorite quote, “Be the change wish to see in the world” by Ghandi.