Sarah Nuse

Sarah Nuse, the founder and CEO of Tippi Toes Dance Company, a internationally recognized company with franchises across the United States and China. Tippi Toes is a dance company that focus on health and nutrition for children. Sarah has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as featured on ABC Shark Tank.

Sarah and her team have released 6 children music albums which have topped Billboard Music charts and currently completing a children’s Christmas #7. Sarah is a co-author with her husband Adam of a children’s book. She just completed her first business book Destined for Greatness due out the end of the year. Sarah is the host of a podcast Destined for Greatness, interviewing people who have made an incredible impact. Sarah speaks around the country to women and entrepreneurs about finding and fulfilling their purpose in life while keeping their eyes focused on Jesus and family.

Sarah is the wife to baseball executive Adam Nuse, and mother to her three children Lucy, Lola and Hank. To learn more about Sarah through her website