Groups are the key way to get connected and grow spiritually at Broadway. Four semesters a year, you have the opportunity to participate in a short-term group experience called Growth Groups. We also have several ongoing groups that meet weekly and monthly. Not sure where to start or what your next step should be? Use the info below to guide you.

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This class and is ideal for people who are new to Broadway or have come via a different denomination, people want a refresher on the basics of the faith, or anyone who want to connect more intentionally.

Meeting March 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 9:30-10:30am and 11-12pm in the Minton Conference Room with Kids Zone available during class


Melrose Campus Traditional Services will meet at 9:30 in the Minton Conference Room

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Melrose Campus 9:30 Community will meet at 11:00 in the Minton Conference Room

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Greenwood Campus will meet at 9 am in the Fellowship House

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Bring your lunch and join worship leader Martha Christian for a dive together into the practices and connection of Psalms, the honest and hopeful songbook of the Bible!

Led by Martha Christian

6 Weeks beginning Monday March 6 at Noon in the Crusaders Classroom



“The Bible Tells Me So…” by Peter Enns

“The Bible Tells Me So…” by Peter Enns is a book that asks helpful questions from his personal journey about the Bible and the historical doctrines that have traditionally guided the understanding of scripture. A Professor of Biblical Studies, Enns offers a safe space and dialogue  to explore these questions.

Led by Pastor Joe and Jason Herron

4 Week Book Discussion on Mondays at 7pm



“Reclaiming Our Words” Co-Ed Pathway Style Group

Words are our bridge to understanding each other, the glue that holds community together.  However, over time, the meaning of a word can either be watered down or over-blown.  What do we mean when we say words like love, salvation, sin, faith, biblical, truth, and freedom?  What might we need to unlearn about them, and what might we need to reclaim?

Led by Wendell and Robbie Van Valin

8 Weeks Launching March 9 Meets Thursday at 6 pm at the Greenwood Campus Fellowship House




Knit2Pray2 (K2P2) gathers knitters, crocheters, and other makers to craft prayer shawls that will be gifted to congregants in need of a tangible reminder of God’s loving kindness. For those who like to craft (or who like to hang out with those who do); all people of all skill levels are welcome; a light snack will be provided. In loving memory of our friend Nancy Ramey. ç

Meets the third Sunday of the month at 2pm in the Cup of Hope



Chronic Health Issues Support Group

A Chronic Health Issues Support Group is forming for people with ongoing health issues and those who love them. This group provides a safe place to talk about health challenges as patients, family members, or caregivers. A zoom option will always be available for this group. Led by Jill Morris.

Meets the third Sunday of the month at 4:30pm in the Wesley Room and via Zoom




Your story, your family, and your faith are valued here. We stand in The GAP together. The GAP invites parents and guardians of LGBTQ youth to come together to share stories, support each other, and work to explore how we can love and support our loved ones and live out our faith. This is a confidential space where it is understood that we have an array of feelings and understandings of Scripture and faith, and what it looks like to live that out. We focus on two things: love of God and loving our families well. Contact Amy Jarboe for more information at

Led by Amy Jarboe

Mondays at 6 pm in the B. Oliver room



The Table

College/young adults are invited to gather every Wednesday night at 7pm at the Melrose Campus Minton Conference Room.   More info available on our Instagram @thetable_bumc or by texting Carla at 615.830.1510

Led by Carla Lafontaine

Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Minton Conference Room


YES Group

Our YES Group is a special gathering of people age 55 and older who are still young enough to serve and ready to socialize.

Social Hour – meets the second Wednesday of each month from 1-3pm in the Welcome Center

Lunch Bunch – meets the third Wednesday of each month meeting at different local restaurants at 11:30am

YES Group Potluck – meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 12pm in the Welcome Center