The Haven

First, let us say we are so thankful that you are a part of our church family and we value so much what you bring to the table. We also recognize the challenges that having a child with special needs can add to your lives and we want to help stand in that gap. That is why we are relaunching of our ministry for kids with special needs and their families, The Haven!

Our mission is to make faith accessible to kids with special needs and their families by creating meaningful encounters with God in community. Its goals are to provide connection from parents to other parents in a structured and grace filled environment. We hope to connect kids to the volunteers to foster friendships and ongoing support. And lastly we hope to connect your children and God in a place designed for and accepting of them. We see that taking place best in our two pronged approach. We provide a structured and adaptable church experience for your kids that includes a story, lesson, games, craft, and exploration activities with a small ratio of kids to adults. This structure  allows parents the opportunity to gather onsite as a small group and to participate in curriculum written by Wendell VanValin, a pastor on-staff at Broadway. This curriculum will equip and empower you to be the best parent you can be for your child. We saw great success with this model before Covid and we’re excited to bring it back to you all again!

The Haven will start on Sept 11 on Sunday afternoons from 4-5:30pm in the upstairs of the Melrose campus. It will run for 8 weeks with one Sunday off (Oct 2) for Fall Break.  Currently, our focus is on elementary aged kids. We will also include siblings in this range and Broadway has youth programming at almost the same time for 6-12th grade siblings. Also, if you have childcare and just want to come to the parent class you are more than welcome!

We are so excited for the relaunch of this ministry and excited for the future of our church with you all in it! On the second page you will see a testimonial from a family that participated previously and a sample schedule of what a night might look like for your kid! Please feel free to email or contact me with any questions you may have and if you are interested in joining us let me know and I will send you a survey so we can get to know your child more before we start!

Testimonial from previous group: 

“The Haven has been a great opportunity for our entire family. Our special needs son can’t wait to come every week and loves spending time with his “person” in a safe, tailored environment for him. We’ve been able to watch his love of God grow each week. Being able to meet and connect with other parents going through a similar journey has been a great comfort to us, helping us feel less alone in the challenges and joys that come along with having a special needs child. We are so grateful to Broadway for providing this space.”

Sample Child Schedule: 

4-4:15 Drop Off and intro activity 

4:15-4:30 Story Time

4:30-4:45 Games

4:45-5:00 Crafts

5:00-5:15 Exploration Activity 

5:15-5:30 Wrap Up and Dismiss to parents

Meet The Haven’s Coordinator: Hello! My name is Caleb Kirchner. I am a part-time staff member at Broadway and a Special Education teacher at Cumberland Trace. I have my bachelors degree in special education and have recently completed my Master’s degree in Moderate to Severe Disabilities. You can contact me here.