You’ve already been on a journey with God—even when you didn’t know it. That’s because the journey doesn’t start with you. It starts with God. It didn’t start when you were born. It started before time, in the perfect love of Father, Son and Spirit. God has been present in your life from your very first breath.

There’s something powerful in discovering your own “graced history,” to spend time writing down the story of God’s presence and activity in your life. This journal is designed to help you see and claim your own story up to this point AND to recognize and reflect on God’s presence in that story.

So, give yourself some time, once a week, to reflect and pray. Take at least 30 minutes for each session. Get into a quiet spot. Take a few deep breaths. Ask God to be present. Ask for courage and insight to answer openly and honestly. Afterwards, spend a few moments each week giving thanks and praying for God’s presence and faithfulness in the journey.

Journey Journal



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