Podcast: Lessons

We’re Only As Good as Our God

God wants to be known. Our immature and false ideas of him don’t happen because he’s hiding or trying to confuse us. For all kinds of reasons, it takes time,… read more »

Gut Reactions

A person’s first thoughts and feelings in a crisis provide an X ray into their soul. Do they blame? Get angry? Lend a helping hand? Freeze? Run? Empathize? I’ve come… read more »

Anger and Fear

Fear is one of those primal emotions, essential to our early survival. There were large hungry animals roaming the neighborhood with plans to eat us for lunch. Senses were kept… read more »

Hate-Speak in Jesus’ Name

In recent years it has become fashionable to verbally cut people to pieces. Social media is driven by it, and much of it is carried out in the name of… read more »

Running Wide Open

Running wide open with God’s love has nothing to do with speed or earth shaking events. It’s about awareness. God’s always there. Do we see him?

The Book

No one would claim this story, traditionally called the prodigal son, makes a definitive statement about scripture. But what if we let it?  Most churches treat the bible as a… read more »

Welcome to Love

Sunday February 14th Wendell shares his insight into God’s love.

Pathway Journey

Sunday, February 7th Virtual Pathway hears Wendell share his thoughts on the Pathway journey.

Trust II

Sunday, January 31st Virtual Pathway hears Wendell continue to share his thoughts on trust in today’s society.


Sunday, January 24 Virtual Pathway hears Wendell share his thoughts on trust.