Podcast: Lessons

Research or Instinct

Sunday, May 10 Virtual Pathway hears from the Pathway family and Wendell about how we are wired when it comes to reacting to life.

Need For Recovery

Sunday, May 3 Virtual Pathway hears from the Pathway family and talks with Wendell about the need for recovery.

Living With Children

Sunday, April 26 Virtual Pathway talks with JoEllen and Jeremy about living with growing children during the pandemic.

Deep Conversation

Sunday, April 19 Virtual Pathway talks with Wendell and Louis about getting deep in our conversations.

What Pathway Is and Is Not

Sunday, April 12 Virtual Pathway discussion with Wendell and Louis about what Pathway is and what it isn’t.


Sunday, April 5 Virtual Pathway lesson with Wendell VanValin as he talks about living in and with isolation.


Louis and Wendell discuss what trusting in God means and what it entails.

Panic & Anxiety

Join Pastor Louis Tagliaboschi and Wendell VanValin as they discuss anxiety.

Religious Addiction

Andrew Tagliaboschi gives a lesson on religious addiction.

Guarding Our Ego

Join us as we talk about guarding our ego.