God on a Backhoe

February 27, 2022
Read the big story in scripture. God has always done the heavy lifting, the grunt work, a bulldozer operator from the get-go. This applies to you and me as well. He wants our freedom more than we want it. He is doing all he can to open up all the good stuff for us, love, joy, peace and wholeness. And he’s relentless.
Still, most of us want to lean into our skills with a screwdriver. We brandish them like swords. “Give me some time. I can work this out.” We stay so busy at it we fail to hear God breaking through on his backhoe right above us. The shafts of light streaming down to us go unseen by eyes clinched in determination.
At some point we eventually give up. Bent screwdriver hanging loosely in scraped and blistered hands, we stop trying to free ourselves. That’s when we look up into the light where we see God sitting on his backhoe, smile on his face, reaching down to give us a hand up.
If this thing between me and God is going to work, it has way more to do with God on a backhoe than it does my prowess with a screwdriver. Watch and listen.
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