Little Things Make a Legacy

February 6, 2022
Life is one small choice after another, whether it’s our purchases, conversations, diets, handling of crises, leisure activities, donations, celebrations, attitudes, relationships etc. In the case of long-term relationships like marriage, neighbors, work, church etc. our minute-by-minute choices have a communal and cumulative effect … either healthy or unhealthy.
What about casual encounters? Table server at a restaurant? Guy who roofs our house? Lady at the Quick Sack? Person standing in front of me in line? All these 10 second encounters … what difference does my choice make here? First, I can send a message that the other person is seen and heard. They matter to me. Second, it reminds me again that I want to be a respectful, considerate person.
Let’s conclude this with a key component. I have two options: It’s only 10 seconds. What’s it matter? -OR- I only have 10 seconds with this person. I need to make the best of it. The option I choose says who I want to be today. But more, it solidifies the legacy I leave behind for my kids and grandkids.
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