Our Shared Way

July 4, 2021

There is this word in the Bible. And what is most remarkable about this word is that it is not really used that much in the Old Testament. But it comes onto the scene full force… in the New Testament and only after Jesus… and only after Jesus lives, dies, is resurrected and is ascended into heaven. This word was the surprise discovery of the early church. It was this thing they stood in awe of, and focusing on it is what fueled their momentum. This word describes the quality of life the early church shared as Jesus adopted them into the quality of life God’s abundant grace. This word is this surprise, this discovery, this hallmark, of something new that was happening…. what the early church had then and what WE HAVE NOW after Jesus and through Jesus. The word is koinonia, it means “sharing.” Throughout the summer we will be exploring, meditating, and claiming this great surprise of the early church of all that we now share; a focus on our shared heavenly father, our shared Savior, our shared Holy Spirit, our shared calling, our shared way of life, our shared sacrifice, our shared communion. Here’s the point: we’ve spent a lot of time in the last year dealing with isolation and separation, focused on what has been keeping us apart. This summer, let us invite you to shift your focus to the power of all that we share.

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