Scales and Improvisation

January 16, 2022
The Senior pastor at our church taught me something a few months back. We can’t improvise musically until we first learn the scales. One is mechanical, calculated and disciplined. The other is spontaneous …next door to heavenly.
We’re talking about life. You have to study the manual before you can get out on the road and drive. I read the recipe book prior to baking my first cake. We learn to crawl … then walk … then run … then compete in sports. Mastering simple spelling and grammar comes in handy before writing one’s first novel.
I’m starting to wonder if this is the way it works with our walk with God. Do we need some sort of theology before we can experience the actual presence of God? Can we know him personally (in our heart) if we don’t first conceptually (in our head) believe he exists and wants to be known by us?
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