Early Learning Center FAQ’s

How do I enroll my child?
  • We enroll students all year long. You can complete your registration online using the registration form link on Join the Early Learning Center page here. Registration in online only.
  • Payment of the enrollment fee is required to secure your child’s spot. You can pay online, via mail or in person at the church. Make checks payable to ELC. The online payment link is on Join the Early Learning Center page here. There is an instruction link as well if you need assistance.
  • Registration for the new school year typically begins mid-February for students presently enrolled. A registration reminder email will be sent to each family the last week of February.
  • Open registration for the public typically begins the first week of March. Please check the website.
  • First priority will be given to members of Broadway who are currently enrolled students since this program is operated as a ministry of the church.
  • Second priority will be given to current students.
  • Third priority will be given to siblings of enrolled students.
  • Fourth priority will be given to new students.
  • Confirmation of a spot in our program will not be considered unless accompanied by the enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.
  • Parents registering their children should enroll during their specific registration period. No preference will be given to registrations completed prior to your enrollment period.
  • A current Kentucky certificate of immunization is required before your child can enter the program. These can be obtained from your child’s physician or the Health Department. Note the expiration date on the form and return new forms to the office as necessary.
  • Enrollment may be terminated if any of the following items occur: the current school year has come to an end; failure to reconcile delinquent tuition after 1 month; failure to abide by ELC policies.
What is the ELC’s admission policy?
  • To enter the Pre-Kindergarten class, a child must be at least four years old by August 1 of the current school year. This follows the Kentucky State Law which requires a child to be 5 years old by August 1 to enter kindergarten beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. The child must also be potty trained, wearing regular undergarments (no pull ups).
  • To enter the Three Year Old Preschool class, a child must be at least three years old by August 1 of the current school year and be potty trained, wearing regular undergarments (no pull ups).
  • To enter the Two Year Old Preschool class, a child must be at least two years old by August 1 of the current school year.
  • Nursery and Toddler classes are determined based on developmental stages.
  • For the safety of our children and to help maintain a positive learning environment, we reserve the right to refuse admission to or request the withdrawal of any child whose conduct, influence, and /or attendance does not conform to our rules and regulations.
How much is tuition & how do I pay?
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. The first payment is due August 1st and all payments must be received by the 1st day that classes begin.
  • All payments should be made online here.
  • A $15 late fee will be added if not paid after the 15th of each month.
  • We prefer online payments only. If you have questions about this, please email us at elc@broadwayunited.org.
  • Tuition is $2400/year ($240/month) for Nursery  and Toddlers through Pre-K are $2100 yearly ($210 month). Tuition can be paid in 10 equal payments of $240/$210 each month August through May for your convenience.
  • Any returned check/bank draft will incur bank charges. You are responsible for any charges ELC incurs for a returned payment.
  • We are only able to offer tuition discounts for Broadway UMC/ELC staff and Broadway UMC members. 
  • The annual enrollment fee of $175 is due at the time of online enrollment. This fee is non-refundable. 
  • Students enrolling after August 31 will pay a prorated enrollment fee.
  • Tuition is non-refundable and is due whether your child is in attendance or not. There are no provisions for “make-up” days due to illness. Days missed due to short-term Warren County Public School system closures for inclement weather or disease are non-refundable.
  • If the health department requires that an individual student, class or ELC program be quarantined due to exposure or confirmed illness, tuition will not be refunded to allow us to continue to pay our teachers.
  • If public health policy or a local, state or national directive requires the ELC program to close for an extended time period, tuition will not be refunded for partial months. ELC will refund for any full months closed not required by individual or class quarantine.
What time can I drop off/pick up my child?
  • ELC will use a centralized drop-off/pick up location to eliminate unnecessary traffic to classrooms and hallway congestion.
  • Designated drop off/pick locations, schedules and procedures will be communicated before school starts. A staff member will receive your child and escort him/her to the classroom. Please arrive promptly for drop-off at 9am and pick-up at 2pm to ensure a smooth process.
  • Only those approved on the enrollment form are allowed to pick up children. You must present photo identification to the teacher if they do not know you.
  • Whenever a child begins school, it can be an exciting, but difficult, period for the young child. The child may appear eager in the beginning but may suddenly realize you will not be there and balk at exiting the vehicle without you. This is entirely normal!
  • When possible, acclimate your child to his/her classroom ahead of time. Please attend the Open House offered prior to school opening so that your child can meet his/her teacher and see the classroom. If you are new to our program this year or your child is especially anxious, please call and arrange an individual visit to the ELC.
  • Be sure anyone dropping off or picking up your child understands the procedures.
  • Generally, young children adapt to a new program within 10 school days.
  • Parents may call the ELC office at any time during the school day to check on their child.
Does my child have to be potty trained?
  • If your child is in the 2’s or younger class, NO they do not have to be potty trained. However, if you’re trying to decide if your age 2 or younger child is ready to potty train at school, make sure he/she will verbalize his/her need to use the bathroom, sit on a regular potty seat and stay dry for at least 2 hours at a time. If your child is in the toddler class and is ready to potty train at school, please send him/her in a pull-up due to classroom management and cleanliness issues.
  • If your child is in the 3’s or PreK class, YES they must be potty trained without pull-ups.
  • Many of you are or will be in the process of potty training your child. We will help you with this training in every way we can.
  • All pull-ups, diapers and wipes are to be provided by parents. Cloth diapers are not permitted for sanitary reasons unless we have a physician’s order for them.
  • No potty chairs or seat inserts from home are allowed at our school.
  • During training if your child has an accident more than twice in one day, a pull-up will be placed on him/her after the second accident. This is due to time requirements and sanitary issues.
  • If your child is beginning the 3 year old class and you are unsure if he/she is totally potty trained, we recommend:
    1) Talking to your child about pottying at school and that he/she is not allowed to go to school in their diapers/pull-ups.
    2) Trying him/her at school for a couple of weeks. Often being around peers that are trained is enough to master this skill.
    3) If he/she has several accidents in the first few days, then you will be called to pick up your child after the next accident.
    4) If he/she continues having accidents over an extended period of time, then your child will need to sit out of school until he/she is fully trained. If there is a waiting list for this class, tuition will be required to hold the spot in the room.
Does my child nap at the ELC?
  • A rest time will be incorporated into the Nursery, Toddlers and 2’s classrooms. 
  • Nursery tends to nap late morning. Please send a blanket and pacifier (if needed) each day. 
  • Toddlers and 2’s typically nap at the end of the day. Please send a nap pad preferably or at least a blanket each day. 
  • If you choose to pick up your toddler or 2 year old before nap because he/she rests better at home, this needs to be done consistently. Please notify the teacher that this will happen each day. Tuition will not be adjusted for leaving early. 
  • For a smoother transition, it helps if your child mimics the ELC nap schedule at home as well. 
What are the ELC’s Health policies and procedures?
  • ELC will follow guidance from public health officials and KY’s Office of Childcare & Early Childhood Education.
  • A current Kentucky certificate of immunization is required before your child enters the program. These can be obtained from your child’s physician or the health department. Note the expiration date on the form and return new forms to the office as necessary. The ELC reserves the right to update this policy as changing public health needs occur.The ELC does not honor requests for immunization exemptions for any reason.
  • Health Checks—Please screen your child for fever and contagious symptoms before arriving at the ELC each morning.  In addition, ELC reserves the right to screen children as needed throughout the school day. Health information will be documented daily in case contract tracing is necessary.  Attendance will be documented.
  • Medication—No medicines (i.e. Epipen, Benadryl) shall be dispensed by staff to children except with a signed and date parent request. The medicine must be in the original container and clearly labeled with the child’s name, name of drug, and administration directions. Over the counter drugs must have the dosage amount for child’s age on the container. Otherwise, we cannot give it to the child regardless of parent permission. 
  • First Aid—ELC staff will administer first aid consisting of cleaning small wounds and applying ice when necessary unless otherwise advised by the parent. An Accident/Incident report will be completed and signed by the parents and staff informing parents of actions taken by the ELC and placed in the student’s information folder. A copy will be provided at the parents’ request. 
  • Sunscreen—Parents should apply sunscreen before bringing children to school. We highly recommend applying sunscreen on warm, sunny days. We will use outside learning as much as possible this year! 
  • Accidental Injuries—Parents will be notified immediately if a child experiences a health emergency or is injured at the ELC.  In case of emergency, 911 will be called.  If parents/guardians are not available, the person/s listed on the enrollment form will be notified.  Please inform us of any changes that need to be made to this form throughout the year.
  • Please review the details laid out in the Parent Handbook here in regard to Illness, Symptoms, and Exposures.
What are the ELC’s safety policies and procedures?
  • Accidental Injuries—Parents will be notified immediately if a child experiences a health emergency or is injured at the ELC.  In case of emergency, 911 will be called.  If parents/guardians are not available, the person/s listed on the enrollment form will be notified.  Please inform us of any changes that need to be made to this form throughout the year.
  • We perform a fire drill each year typically in October.
  • In case of a tornado warning, all classes will go to the basement until our area is clear of all warnings.
  • Our school is locked down at all times. You can enter at any time by using the doorbells located by the double glass doors off the Melrose entrance and in the rear double glass doors off Karen Avenue.
  • The program exercises reasonable care and judgment in all matters related to safety. In all emergencies, the program has permission to take such reasonable measures, in the judgment of the teacher or coordinator, necessary for the welfare and safety of the child until a parent can be reached.
What will my child learn?
  • Children in all of our classes experience activities that embrace age-appropriate developmental and academic standards intertwined with the Fruit of the Spirit yearly theme, monthly bible verses, and weekly bible stories.
  • We also offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities to our students, including but not limited to chapel, music, fire safety, and dental hygiene.
  • Our routines and lessons are guided by Kentucky’s School Readiness Definition and Early Childhood Standards found here.
  • Please refer to our Newsletter and Calendar, found on the Early Learning Center Communications page here, to see what each age group is learning each month.
  • Nursery and Toddler classes offer a safe, nurturing environment where a baby or toddler will feel comfortable while learning about God’s creations, shapes and colors through song, circle-time instruction and art experiences. In addition, they will learn to separate from caregivers, adapt to new routines and interact with peers in age appropriate ways.
  • 2-year-old classes are introduced to the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10 while continuing to learn colors and shapes.   Development of fine motor skills and positive social behaviors are also important parts of our curriculum at this age. In addition, classroom routines begin to model those of our older students on an age-appropriate level and time frame.
  • 3-year-old classes continue literacy development through exposure to letter names, sounds and prewriting activities. In addition, fine motor skills, colors and shapes are reinforced and numbers 1-15 are taught through manipulatives, games and art activities. Weekly activities often connect learning through themes and/bible stories. Whole class circle-times and instruction centers help our 3-year-olds develop skills they will need to be successful in our pre-kindergarten program.
  • Pre-kindergarten classes begin to connect how letters of the alphabet make sounds and sounds blend together to form words. They also continue to develop number concepts and other school readiness skills through manipulatives, games and art activities. Learning themes continue to enable children to connect the concepts they are learning throughout the day. The daily schedule for this class closely replicates that of the typical public school kindergarten day. For example art, literacy, math and science activities are taught through a combination of teacher-directed and student-directed center rotations.
How does the ELC discipline children?
  • The Early Learning Center’s approach to discipline is positive.  Staff are encouraged to use the brain-based methods of Dr. Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline” and Jesus’s teachings of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galations 5:22-23) to build relationships and model developmentally appropriate behaviors with their students and with each other. 
  • Our staff encourage appropriate behaviors by developing and modeling routines, rituals and structures in our school and classrooms designed to build relationships and help children develop the skills needed to regulate their thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Loving guidance will be used to help students learn age-appropriate behaviors and boundaries. Common preschool discipline issues include learning to share, using kind words and hands and obeying the teacher.
  • The safety and welfare of the group will have priority over any individual situation.
  • Most situations will be handled in the classroom by the teacher.  Any discipline problems that persist or are disruptive to the class will be shared with parents and ELC leadership so teachers and parents can work together to teach the child appropriate behaviors.  In extreme cases, the parent may be called to pick up the child.
  • The staff does not administer corporal punishment.
What is the ELC’s school calendar?

Open Houses – Monday & Tuesday, August 14 & 15, 2023

Wednesday, August 16th – First Day for M/W Session

Thursday, August 17th – First Day for T/Th Session 

Tentative Last Days of ELC – Wednesday, May 15, 2024 & Thursday, May 16, 2024 

A full school calendar will be provided during ELC’s Open House and is available under the Parent Resource section on our website. 

  • The Early Learning Center follows the current Warren County Public School (WCPS) calendar with the exception of start and end dates. 
  • When WCPS is closed due to inclement weather, illness, holiday or any other reason, ELC is also closed. 
  • If WCPS close prior to 2 o’clock, we will dismiss early as well. Please check ELC’s Facebook or Instagram page, tune into WBKO or visit www.wbko.com/weather/closings for the Polar Report when you are in question. You should also receive a Remind text from your child’s teacher. 
  • We reserve the right to make modifications to this schedule when needed to accommodate church activities, relating to days missed due to inclement weather or to enhance the weekday programming. 
  • ELC’s last day of classes are subject to change and may or may not coincide with WCPS calendar. 
What if I don’t see my question listed here?

You can refer to our Parent Handbook found here or you can contact us via email or by phone at (270) 843-3942 ext. 1190.