Staff & Leadership


Executive Team

Adam Shourds
Senior Pastor

Phone Ext: 1180
Email here

Laura Vincent
Greenwood Campus Pastor

Phone Ext: 3008
Email here


Jason Brown
Executive Minister

Phone Ext: 1230
Email here

Tonya Simpson
Director of Operations

Phone Ext: 1170
Email here


Christy Allen
Associate Minister to Students

Phone Ext: 1150
Email here

David Barbee
Facilities Team Member

Joel Christian
Technical Director & Project Manager

Phone Ext: 1060
Email here

Martha Christian
Melrose Campus Worship Minister

Phone Ext: 3009
Email here

Elise Coleman
Early Learning Center Curriculum Coordinator

Phone Ext: 3011
Email here

Deana Douglas
Early Learning Center Finance Coordinator

Phone Ext: 1090
Email here

Molly Druen
Communications Director

Phone Ext: 1140
Email here

Britney Harris
Greenwood Campus Student Minister

Phone Ext: 3013
Email here

Christina Harting
Associate Minister to Children

Phone Ext: 3016
Email here

Cindy Hughes
Discipleship Minister

Phone Ext: 1020
Email here

Amy Jarboe
Facilities and Hospitality Coordinator

Phone Ext: 1050
Email here

Meghan Johnston
Contributions & Greenwood Campus Children’s Minister

Phone Ext: 1010
Email here

Ellen Murrey-Lockhart
Melrose Campus Worship Minister

Phone Ext: 3012
Email here

Joe Patterson
Discipleship Pastor

Phone Ext: 1110
Email here

Jennie Shourds
Early Learning Center Director

Phone Ext: 1160
Email here

Casey Strode
Operations Assistant

Phone Ext: 1010
Email here

Louis Tagliaboschi
Children’s Pastor

Phone Ext: 1130
Email here


Wendell Vanvalin
Pathway Minister

Phone Ext: 3010
Email here

Jeremy Vincent
Greenwood Campus Worship Minister

Phone Ext: 3007
Email here



The role of the Church Council is to set strategic direction for the church to accomplish its mission.


MEMBERS: Scott Greene, John Minton, Troy Coleman, Adam Shourds, Laura Vincent, Jason Brown, Amanda Wuest, Tonya Simpson, Alex Downing, Eric St. John, Eric Druen, Kathy McCurdy, Beth Tapscott, Jason Herron, Scott Crutcher, Leyda Becker, Linda Johnson, Michael Hall, Caleb Kirchner, Rosemary Meszaros, Missy Cunningham, Mandy Hicks


The SPRC performs some of the same functions of a Human Resources department in other organizations.


MEMBERS: Amanda Wuest, Jill Isom, Seth Alexander, Courtney Stevens, Matt Murphy, Brian Mefford, Nichoel Manley, Nix Crawford, Melanie Cook


The primary responsibilities of the Finance Committee include compiling an annual budget and developing and implementing plans to raise the financial resources to fund our ministry.

MEMBERS: Alex Downing, Tim Dick, Tom Marsh, Gena Gooding, Theresa Lowe, Casey Strode, Evan Harris, Donald Smith, Laura Vincent


Broadway’s Trustees oversee, maintain, and supervise all of our church property; maintain adequate insurance coverage; and manage the trust funds of the church.


MEMBERS: David Bell, Matthew Forrest, Chris Whitfield, Jeremy Chapman, Stan Petrie, Margaret Ritchie, Zach Massey, Anndee Crutcher, Rodney Rogers

In Memory

Charles Carver

Megan Davidson

Wayne Hunter