Self-Guided Study Resources

Mama Tried 

 “Mama Tried”  is an 8 session workbook that explores our families of origin. Arranged topically, each week’s reading is followed by introspective questions aimed at helping us realize that what we grew accustomed to and called normal may have actually been toxic … which leaves us wounded and in need of healing.

Mama Tried Study Materials

Try Softer

A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode—and into a Life of Connection and Joy

When trying harder leaves us exhausted and overwhelmed, it is time to “try softer.” Drawing on the author’s own experiences and practice as a Christian therapist, this book guides readers into healthier approaches to dealing with the stress and trauma we all face.

Try Softer Reader’s Guide

How to Fight Racism

Historian and pastor Jemar Tisby invites us on the journey toward racial justice and provides practical strategies for fighting racism.

How to Fight Racism Reader’s Guide

Help, I’m Angry

Help, I’m Angry is an entry level four session workbook on the emotion of anger. Anger is one of the big emotions, that can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. Our hope is to begin an honest dialog that will move us toward deeper exploration and honesty.

Help, I’m Angry Study Materials

Exploring the Wilderness

These materials are structured to guide us through unpacking previous experiences and utilize the reflection model developed in our Pathway ministry.

Exploring the Wilderness Workbook and Daily Reading Journal

Additional Resources

The videos referenced in the Daily Reading Journal have been compiled as a YouTube Playlist. The Spotify playlist, curated by Carla Lafontaine (Greenwood Campus Worship Team), brings together a soundtrack for wilderness journeys.

Youtube Playlist

Spotify Playlist