Podcast: 8 Steps to Recovery

Power of Words

Join us as we discuss the power of words.

Filling Up or Emptying Out

Join us as we ask the question, “Are you filling up or emptying out your life?”

Step 6 – Learning to Say Sorry

Join us as we talk about learning to say you’re sorry.

Step 5 – Letting God Heal

Join us as we talk about letting God heal our broken places.

Step 4 – Telling Your Story

Join us as we talk about telling your story to someone you trust.

Step 3 – Writing Your Inventory

Join us as we talk about writing an inventory of our lives.

Step 2 – We Need A God Like This

Join us as we continue our step series with Step 2.

Step 1

Join us as we begin an 8 lesson series on the steps to recovery.