Podcast: Lessons

Ham Sandwich

I spent years laser-focused on the straight and narrow … you know, believing and behaving just the right way. Back in those days when I gathered with others, especially at… read more »

The Cross

Jesus didn’t die to cool the red-hot wrath of an angry God. No, this was God laying down his divine power to allow us to discover where we go when… read more »


There is no such thing as a true stoic. We all feel. Emotions are neither good nor bad. They just are. But to be human means we also think, do,… read more »


Jesus lived and died love. He left his posse one command. Love each other. His love was extreme; leaving the 99, touching the unclean, cuddling babies, enlisting tax collectors, seeing… read more »


Speaking forgiveness out loud is key. It doesn’t make us forget the infraction. But saying “I forgive you” will remove its poison. And … it puts the universe on notice.… read more »

God on a Backhoe

Read the big story in scripture. God has always done the heavy lifting, the grunt work, a bulldozer operator from the get-go. This applies to you and me as well.… read more »

Paradigm Shift

Last week we talked about the impossible 18 inches between our head and our heart. My head wants to grasp the concept that God loves me. My heart feels unlovable.… read more »

Little Things Make a Legacy

Life is one small choice after another, whether it’s our purchases, conversations, diets, handling of crises, leisure activities, donations, celebrations, attitudes, relationships etc. In the case of long-term relationships like… read more »

Sharing Your Story

There is power in sharing our stories. We all have monsters from our past (voices in our heads) that threaten us. Talking about these monsters brings them out in the… read more »

Scales and Improvisation

The Senior pastor at our church taught me something a few months back. We can’t improvise musically until we first learn the scales. One is mechanical, calculated and disciplined. The… read more »