Series: Lessons


Triangulation takes many forms. Our first question might be, “Am I the one doing the triangulating or am I the one stuck in the middle?” It’s likely we’ve all played… read more »

Passive Aggression

Cage Fighting

Family of Origin

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth

You can’t tell the toxicity level of food by tasting it. You monitor its aftereffects. So, if what you’re hearing from familiar voices consistently stirs up feelings of aggression, disgust,… read more »

Pathway Recovery

Recovery is not a task you and I complete. It’s not a byproduct of diligence, discipline or practice. It starts with capitulation to God’s love. For years, I tried and… read more »


What should you and I do with the bible? Stop using it to validate my rightness and your wrongness. Stop picking at verses and start looking for God’s footprints in… read more »

The Big Wish

Given no restraints, what do you want most in life? Power? Profit? Mortality? Notoriety? Knowledge? Comfort? Security? What would it take to make life suit you? What is your highest… read more »

We’re Only As Good as Our God

God wants to be known. Our immature and false ideas of him don’t happen because he’s hiding or trying to confuse us. For all kinds of reasons, it takes time,… read more »

Gut Reactions

A person’s first thoughts and feelings in a crisis provide an X ray into their soul. Do they blame? Get angry? Lend a helping hand? Freeze? Run? Empathize? I’ve come… read more »